Recently, we had our harvest of the first strawberries of the season. Unlike the ones that can be bought from the supermarket, these are smaller and more intensely red in colour, and have more flavour.

The reason the strawberries are small is because we do not water or add fertiliser as much as we should. Also, we do not use any pesticide, so the chance of insects picking at the fruits are higher. Hence when we manage to get the strawberries fully intact, we are very pleased about it.

Strawberry plant

Below are some of the nicer looking strawberries that we have managed to harvest this year – and have already eaten.

Home-grown Strawberry
Few strawberries collected – much smaller than store-bought ones.

Having a few strawberry plants growing in our garden is an interesting highlight for the family each late Spring – early Summer, as we know that there will be strawberries growing and waiting for the right time for us to harvest.