Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island

I would have to say that the visit to the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island was probably the true highlight of our recent trip to America. My wife had booked our boat tickets online for the cruise to Liberty Island before we had left England, so that was always on our itinerary for the trip.When we were in New York, we had bought the Big Bus Company 2 day ticket (extended for free to 3 days by the authorized street seller) which included the night bus tour of New York, as well as a visit to either the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. In hind sight, we need not have bought our Statue of Liberty tickets online as this package would have covered it; but that was because I was not very impressed with the Empire State Building when we visited it at night. It is worth noting that the street sellers should give a 15% discount for the tickets they sell (don’t buy if they don’t offer this).

Now our visit to Liberty Island began with us taking the Big Bus from 5th Avenue (near where our hotel was) to stop number 12 which is near Battery Park. It was a short walk from there to get to the departure point to go to Liberty Island. It is possible to see the Statue of Liberty away in the distance from there.

Departure point to Liberty Island – Statue of LIberty just visible in the distance

Once you are on the cruise ship, it will take you closer and closer to Liberty Island with plenty of opportunities to take photos. My daughters and I chose to go to the top of the ship where we stood on the right side of the ship as it gave the best view for taking photos of Liberty Island.

As the Statue gets closer….
Ship passing in front of the Statue of Liberty

Our cruise ship did stop close enough directly in front of the Statue of Liberty for a short while, which gave us the opportunity to take photos/selfies of the lady from that position. Obviously I made the most of this opportunity and kept taking photo after photo with all the cameras I had.

View from Cruise ship

The pier on Liberty Island where the Cruise ship stops is where passengers alight to visit Liberty Island and also where they would have to queue up later when returning to the mainland.

Pier for cruise ships to/from Liberty Island

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