Now when we do go out to dine, the restaurants do sometimes provide small plates of food to start off the meals – what we call starters. This is supposed to whet the appetite and prepare you for the food to come. Recently I had been looking into new serving plates and dishes to enhance the effect of the food I photograph. As I had bought a few of these, I decided to serve some starters to enhance my family’s enjoyment of the meal I cook for them.

Below are 3 of the different serving dishes I had bought, each holding a different starter for the family. I had bought Wasabi peas and pistachio nuts, vegetable crisps and Tempura King Prawns, so my family can dig into these before the main meal begins.

Wasabi peas and pistachio nuts
Vegetable crisps
Tempura King prawns

The fact there are extra dishes served, each with its own treat, served to get them excited about dinner, and made the dinner a true success. They particularly loved the Tempura King prawns.

But it just goes to show that the extra thought in preparing a meal, and putting a little extra effort in, can truly pay dividends.