Spring colours

On Saturday, I was going to the Pokestop close by to catch a Pokemon. The little jog was refreshing, but what struck me most  was that there were already many spring flowers blooming all around our neighborhood. Clearly I have been preoccupied with work and family life, that this beautiful sight had pass me by.  And since I was making a few trips to the Pokestop, I decided on one of these trips to bring my camera along to take some photos of these flowers.

The most colours I found were actually in front of my house. There are a few variety of primrose we have in our front garden, which seem to bloom without fail each year despite no care afforded them by us.

Blue primrose
White primrose
Purple primrose

The rest of the photos are of flowers growing in the neighborhood.

Daffodils, crocus and primrose growing blooming together
Cherry blossom in bloom

For the daffodils, I wanted to capture their beauty using my Sony 85mm F1.4 Zeiss and 70-200mm F4 lenses, while blurring the background.

Daffodil – Sony 85mm F2.0
Daffodil – Sony 85mm F1.4
Daffodil – Sony 200mm F4

Spring colours are truly beautiful and herald the end of the cold winter weather and welcomes the warmer Spring and Summer months. Sometimes, it is just worth stopping everything and enjoying the beauty of nature that is around you – it just draws your attention to things that you can be thankful for.