Sony NEX-3 Infrared

I have been an early follower of the Sony E-mount system, having bought and used the NEX-3, NEX-5, NEX-5N, NEX-7, NEX-6 and now the A7R and A6000 – I have noticed a gradual improvement with each new generation of E-mount camera in terms of usability and functionality.

The Sony NEX-3 was the first camera I modded to full-spectrum by removing the internal cut filter (ICF). It proved useful for UV and infrared imaging, as the native lenses retained the ability to infinity focus.

Rome - 850nm infrared
Rome – 850nm infrared filter
Waddesdon Manor - 720nm infrared
Waddesdon Manor – 720nm infrared filter

It so happens that the Sony 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 E-mount kit lens is a reasonable lens for infrared. Hence this combination was a very compact and capable infrared imaging system.

In this post, I have included various infrared images taken with the Sony NEX-3 and various infrared filters. As you can see, the higher the wavelength passed by the infrared filter  the more monochrome the image appears. My favourite infrared filter is the 665nm, as it gives more colour due to it letting through some red colour as well.

Lepp Park - 665nm infrared
Lepp Park – 665nm infrared filter

I have not done the red-blue channel swap in any of the images, so the images are closer to the actual output from the camera. I tend to use green grass as the whitebalance reference for infrared images.

Wine cellar Waddesdon Manor - 720nm infrared
Wine cellar Waddesdon Manor – 720nm infrared filter (lit by tungsten bulbs and fairly dark to the eye)

I will be posting further images for Waddesdon Manor and Rome separately. So stay tuned.