Sony A7R and A6000 firmware 1.10

Today I updated the firmware for both my Sony A7R and A6000. These previously did take a rather long time to start up. The new firmware definitely reduces the time for start up. I decided to time these and compare with my other cameras.

I did a timing from switching on the camera to the full display coming on the live view screen. Here are the results which were averaged from the 5 closest times for each camera, timed with my iPhone stopwatch:

Olympus E-PL5 1.45 secs

Olympus E-M5 1.8 secs

Olympus E-P5 1.9 secs

Sony A6000 2.0 secs

Sony A7R 2.1 secs

I am wondering if there is a benefit to start up speed with the use of a button rather than a lever, as the E-PL5 is significantly faster than the other cameras which all switch on via a lever.

While the Olympus cameras start faster than the Sony A7R and A6000, the difference is much smaller now (except when compared with the E-PL5) with the new firmware update. I am well pleased with the 1.10 update, as this brings these cameras closer to their rivals. The next thing to test for the A7R will be to compare the image quality to see if there is any improvement.