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Sony A7ii: preview page 3

I have compiled a comparison of the four cameras in this stable below.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 10.42.06Clearly it can be seen that the size of the Sony A7ii is larger than that of the other cameras in the same stable. It is 1.3mm taller and 11.5mm deeper. It is also 110g heavier than the A7S and 140g heavier than the A7.

But it does now house the 5-axis IBIS, which critics were saying could only be accommodated in the Sony A-mount camera body. Sony has clearly proved them all wrong. BTW, I have not mentioned that the startup is supposed to be 40% faster now with the A7ii.

So what are the exciting developments from Sony?

1) We all know that Sony produce the best sensors currently. That is why many manufacturers (including Nikon) buy their sensors from them.

2) We know they have improved their JPEG engine in their latest firmware update (see my post here), answering the criticism from users that they aren’t supported by useful firmware updates.

3) Sony have managed the impossible and squeezed in the 5-axis IBIS into their A7ii, albeit at the expense of an extra bit of weight and depth of camera body. And the camera can even use both optical and in-body stabilisation together.

4) The two above translate as free upgrades of all equipment used with the camera, in terms of image quality improvement and usability (more stable images for photos and videos – even with non-Sony lenses).

5) Autofocusing has improved significantly from the previous NEX range. And if Sony are to be believed, they have improved it even further with the A7ii.

6) Sony have included improved video functionality in the A7ii with both XAVC S and S-Log2.

Perhaps Sony could be the David who slayed the giant(s) of the camera industry, with their innovations. I for one welcome all this. Well done Sony!!!

There are potential repercussions to this announcement though. The already inflated prices of the legacy lens market, may once again be boosted by this announcement as these full-frame lenses will have received a free upgrade of image stabilisation (courtesy of Sony); perhaps the A-mount lenses may see the same effect too.

Thanks for reading.

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