Something to be thankful for

Last week, I was attending the course to revalidate my Advanced Paediatric Life Support skills. As this course is very intensive, the first of two days finished at 7pm in the evening. And as I was driving home to Oxford, I encountered a sign that said that the road was closed a few miles ahead. As a result, I had to detour through the small country road to get back to Oxford.As you can imagine, the road was very dark and narrow with no street lights visible. And unfortunately I hit one of the curbs really hard which completely stunned me. As I drove, I was trying to assess whether there was any damage to the car, particularly to the suspension. The car tyre felt like it was still doing fine, so I did not stop to take a look – in fact the suspension felt fine as well.

I managed to get home safely, came out of the car and looked at the tyre using the iPhone as my light source. It looked completely fine. But there was the worry on my mind as to whether there will be any problems with the car the next day. As I told my wife and youngest daughter, they took the time to pray for me for my safety.

The following day went through uneventfully and I made it home after the course. I had decided to go on Saturday morning to the nearby petrol station to get the tyres of both our cars pumped up. Imagine my horror to discover that there was a huge bulge visible on the side wall of the left front tyre. This was the tyre which had the impact with the side curb on Thursday evening.

Here are the pictures of the bulge.

Bulge on side wall of tyre
Bulge on side wall of tyre ( still on the car)
Bulge on the side wall of the tyre
Bulge on the side wall of the tyre (now in my car boot)
Close-up of bulge in tyre
Close-up of bulge in tyre
Another view
Another view

 I am so thankful that I did not suffer a tyre blow-out on the two days of the course, and it looks like it managed to stay in one piece until the day after. It looks like God answered my wife’s prayer and kept me safe, for which I am very thankful. The wheel looks undamaged, so it looks like I just have to get this tyre replaced. Just counting this blessing out loud.