Soligor 35mm F3.5 lens

Previously, I had posted about my collection of 35mm F3.5 lenses. But the Soligor 35mm F3.5 lenses I’ve bought and tested (serial number: 9#####), have some endearing qualities worth mentioning.

Soligor 35mm F3.5 (9##### series) lens
Soligor 35mm F3.5 (9##### series) lens

It has 46mm filter threads. These usually come with a T-mount adapter for Exakta, M42, Nikon or other mounts. The commonest ones are M42 and Exakta. I had bought one with a Nikon F mount, and one with Minolta SR mount.

With T-mount adapter for M42 (left) & Nikon F (right)
With T-mount adapter for M42 (left) & Nikon F (right)
Side view of Soligor 35mm F3.5
Side view of Soligor 35mm F3.5

Some Soligor 35mm F3.5 features worth mentioning:

1) It lets through significant amount of UV, and in fact was better in the deeper UV than my copy of Novoflex Noflexar 35mm F3.5

2) It has very minimal focus shift, and in fact was sharper at the larger apertures for UV-imaging than the Kuribayashi or Petri 35/3.5 lenses I own

3) It is a preset lens (like many of the UV-capable lenses but still worth mentioning, which allows for the aperture to be set for easy adjusting between largest aperture for focusing and the desired aperture for shooting.

4) It is a T-mount lens, and hence can be adapted to many different mounts via the appropriate T-mount adapter (Canon, Nikon, Sony etc). In fact, it can be adapted for use with many other cameras and still maintain ability to infinity focus. No need for any other adapters such as a focusing helicoid.

Some of these T-mount adapters even come chipped and will give autofocus confirm. This is definitely an economical way to get a chipped UV-capable lens.

For Nikon: T-mount Nikon AF confirm

For Canon: T-mount Canon AF confirm

For Sony: T-mount Sony AF confirm

I do see quite a few of these lenses available on eBay every now and then, so it is worth searching them out. As these are very old lenses, it is worth ensuring that the copy you buy is in very good to excellent condition, as this could be a very good UV-workhorse lens for a good price (at least for the moment – we all know that the prices do go up once word gets out).