Solar imaging 16/12/14

The morning started well with clear sunny skies. Hence I was waiting for the sun to get to the position where I can start imaging it. As the sun is fairly low in the skies currently, it has to manoeuvre past the trees in the neighbour’s garden, before I can start taking pictures.

The seeing today is not as good as yesterday, although there were short periods where it did improve slightly. I took the best 83 images to stack in Registax 6 to produce the images below.

Sunspots on 16/12/14
Sunspots on 16/12/14

It does look like Sunspot AR2242 is reasonably large, and could emit X-class solar flares towards the earth.

100% crop The sunspot AR2242 (right) has increase in size compared to yesterday.
100% crop. The sunspot AR2242 (right) looks larger now that it is getting to the centre of the solar disc
Sunspots AR2235 (left) & AR2237 (right)
Sunspots AR2235 (left) & AR2237 (right) 100% crop
Sunspot AR2241 100% crop
Sunspot AR2241 100% crop

I think I am starting to get the hang of stacking images in Registax 6, so hopefully in future I will be able to get even better images.