Solar Eclipse 20th March 2015

The last solar eclipse I managed to observe was in 1999, when I was working in London. As the solar eclipse this year is said to cover about 85% of the sun, I wanted to make sure I did not miss it. I managed to set myself up next to a field not far from home. And then all that was left was to wait and pray for the clouds to clear.

The equipment I used was Sony A7R with Skywatcher ED80 refractor, Baader Herschel Prism with double-stacked Baader Solar continuum filter, all mounted on the Astrotrac TT320X-AG borrowed from my friend. In total I managed to take 688 photos of the eclipse from when the sun became visible until the moon shadow exited the sun; there is a video of the solar eclipse to follow. I even managed to catch a little surprise in between, which I did not see until post-processing the photos.

Start of my imaging - Sunspot AR2303 just visible
Start of my imaging – Sunspot AR2303 just visible




Maximum of eclipse
Around the point of maximum coverage of partial eclipse








Sunspot AR2303 now visible again
Near end of eclipse
Near end of solar eclipse

This is the special thing I managed to catch during the eclipse – a plane flying past just after the maximum part of the eclipse.

Airplane flying through the eclipse
Airplane flying through the eclipse

It was a busy, tiring day, but well worth the effort. And best of all, I have something to share with all of you.