Singapore Sling

Recently I thought it would be worth exploring other cocktails which may be worth making. One of those is the Singapore Sling, which is highly well known but that we had never actually drunk during our visits to Singapore. And as I had most of the ingredients to make this anyway, I decided to give it a go.

I do have to say that there are many different ingredients required to make the Singapore Sling according to the original recipe which I had found on the Internet – 8 ingredients to be exact, or 10 if you include a slice of pineapple and Maraschino cherry as garnish (I omitted the garnish and used a sprig of mint instead).

Ingredients for Singapore Sling cocktail

Recipe for Singapore Sling:

  • 30 mls Gin
  • 15 mls Cherry brandy
  • 7.5 mls Dom Benedictine
  • 7.5 mls Cointreau
  • 120 mls Pineapple juice
  • 15mls Lime juice
  • 10 mls Grenadine
  • A dash of Angostura bitters
  • (Optional) Slice of pineapple and a Maraschino cherry as garnish

The above contents (except garnish) are added into a cocktail shaker half filled with ice cubes and then shaken together. The most time consuming part of making this cocktail is the adding of the various ingredients into the shaker. Once shaken, it is then poured into a highball glass and garnished if desired; there will be a layer of foam on the top due to the shaking. The Singapore Sling is then ready to serve.

Singapore Sling ready to drink

I would have to say that because of the number of ingredients used in making the Singapore Sling and the fact it takes more time to make than other cocktails, it is probably one which I will not be making very often. We did enjoy it though, so it is likely we will make this again some point down the line.