Seguro Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Kit

On my journey to and from work each morning and evening, I tend to listen to Classic FM on the radio. But as the reception tends to be poor the nearer I get to my work place, I decided that enough was enough and I had to find a solution. Hence I decided to buy the Seguro Bluetooth FM transmitter car kit – cost £11.49 from

The Seguro Bluetooth FM transmitter Car kit which allows for hands-free answering of calls, playing of music from the connected smartphone, from the MicroSD card slot or USB MP3 player. Hence I will be able to use a radio App such as Radioplayer to listen to Classic FM on the journey. And it will be able to charge my iPhone during the journey as well.

Seguro Bluetooth Fm transmitter Car Kit
Has x2 USB ports, Micro SD card reader.

The Seguro Bluetooth FM transmitter will power on once the car engine is turned on. After the initial pairing process with my iPhone through the Bluetooth menu, it has automatically connected to my phone each time I got into the car. It has three buttons on it: the forwards and backward buttons which skip tracks for music players or radio stations on the radioplayer app.

The center button if pressed for a few seconds will allow you to change the radio frequency with which it will broadcast at – to choose one which is not occupied by any radio stations or someone else using a similar device. It will also allow you to answer an incoming phone call. This also serves as a volume dial to increase or decrease the volume. The digital display is below and will usually show BT to indicate that the Bluetooth connection is active.

2 x USB ports for charging and one for USB MP3 playback.

On the side of the device is also the MicroSD port for playing music saved on an MicroSD card.

MicroSd card reader slot

When using this device, I did run into a few problems – all of which are not the fault of the Seguro:

  1. When I first used the Seguro Bluetooth transmitter to broadcast the music from Radioplayer, I noted that there was alot of background noise. But by turning the volume on both my iPhone and the Seguro to maximum and adjusting the volume only through my car radio, the hissing was completely gone. So this is entirely fixable.
  2. As I use the internet radio as my music source, when the connection is cut off then the playback will suddenly stop. This is particularly so when I have my wifi connection left on – it may connect to random hotspots and lose connection when it disconnects. The other times when the music stops is when my network connection gets cut off in poor reception areas. But this is easily fixed by pressing play on the Radioplayer App. Again not the fault of the Seguro.
  3. On one occasion, I noted that there was an incredible amount of noise coming from the radio, especially when nothing was being broadcast. This suggests that others were using that frequency (or close to that frequency) for broadcasting which was impacting on the reception. Changing the frequency with which the Seguro was broadcasting solved that problem.

What I like about the Seguro FM transmitter?

  1. Good value and compact in size so does not draw attention to itself.
  2. It works very well – connects automatically to the iPhone each time I get into the car.
  3. The music quality is very good – much better than what was coming out from the radio, with more depth, deeper bass and more transparency.

What could be improved?

  1. It would be great if it could have more than one frequency saved at which it would broadcast, so it can be switched to the alternate frequency if one was having interference from nearby.


I have to say that the Seguro FM transmitter punches way above the price that I have paid for it. It has many more features than I need, but it is always good to have more options available if needed. My only regret is that I did not buy this sooner, as I could have been enjoying the music I listen to in the car all this time. Recommended.