Rosie’s photos – Yorkie

Rosie had been to the groomers last week for a trim of her fur and wash. Hence her fur coat looks much neater now. When we went to Cotswold Country Park, it gave me the perfect opportunity to photograph her again.

The first image was shot at closer range, with the camera pointing down towards Rosie. Hence the background is a little busy, with all that grass in view.

Rosie at Cotswold Country Park
Rosie at Cotswold Country Park looking up at the camera

The next two images were shot from further away, and at Rosie’s level. Hence the background appears further away and much smoother. Definitely aesthetically more pleasing.

Rosie in her raincoat looking away

And one with Rosie looking towards me.

Rosie in her raincoat

Certainly choosing the right angle and perspective to photograph a dog, can make a significant difference to the final image acquired. From this experience, I would say that the best images achieved were with the dog further away from the camera and with the camera closer to the level of the dog – to help separate the dog from the background.