Rosie in the park – Sony A6000

As spring is now in the air and the sun was out today, we decided to go to the nearby park and let Rosie our Yorkshire terrier to run around. I brought my Sony A6000 to shoot some images, and managed to catch a series with her running. I am aware that shooting a moving subject is not something I am used to, so I do need the practice to make it perfect.

Series of Rosie running
Series of Rosie running





DSC05081The photos were shot at 11 frames per second using my Sony A6000 + Sony FE 70-200mm F4 OSS lens set at 1/1000 secs F4 with auto ISO. But what I realised is that I was not very good at panning the camera to keep her in the centre of the frame, so the camera did very well in tracking her movements.

All images were cropped in. I did have a few frames where Rosie was not as sharply in focus, but I would attribute this to my lack of experience – hopefully this will improve with practice. As none of my other cameras will be able to do continuous autofocus tracking of a moving subject, hence whenever I go┬áto the park I do like to bring along my Sony A6000.

I think I will be getting the Olympus EE-1 dot sight hot-shoe accessory which was recently announced along with the Olympus E-M5 II, which will allow me to track the subject more accurately.