Ring Stick Up Cam

About two weeks ago, one of my colleagues reported that her house had been burgled during the daytime when everyone was out. Apparently there is a gang of burglars operating in the area where she lives.They seem to target victims whom they think may have cash and jewelry stashed away at home – and avoid taking things which can be traced e.g. laptops, tablets etc. The frightening thing is that they somehow managed to deactivate the house alarm, so it was rendered useless.

And this week we had a visit from a police officer one evening who informed us that a neighbour had been burgled that day in the daytime. The police were going around to ask if any of the neighbours had noticed anything suspicious. With things like that happening close to home, we felt the need to increase the monitoring of our premises particularly when we are out. As we feel that the Ring Video Doorbell works really well, we decided to buy their Stick Up Cam for use in our backyard.

The Ring Stick Up Cam retails for £159, but I bought mine from John Lewis for £149.98. I collected it from the Waitrose Store in Headington Oxford on Friday, but did not have time to install it until Saturday. It comes in a simple box which will protect it from damage during transit.

Ring Stick Up Cam
Stick Up Cam

The Ring Stick Up Cam comes with all the accessories for installing this, including a screwdriver and the necessary drill bit if drilling is needed. As I was mounting mine onto wood, there was no need for any drilling.

Accessories for installing Stick Up Cam

As you can see, there is a mounting plate (comprising two-parts which click together) which holds the Stick Up Cam in place. They have provided a short Micro USB cable, as well as a longer one which has a rubber seal for long term installation to protect the connection from the rain. Hence it does look like Ring has thought about the various mounting and charging options for their Stick Up Cam.

All provided accessories

The back of the Stick Up Cam has three mounting points where it can be fixed onto the mounting plate with the screw provided – top, middle and bottom of the camera. Near the top are two flap covers which hide the orange setup button and the Micro USB port. One needs to ensure that these are secured properly, otherwise there is a risk of water getting in and causing problems.

Orange button for setting up camera, Micro USB charging port at the back of Stick Up Cam. Power LED indicator at bottom of picture

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