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With the provided long Micro USB cable, it is possible to set the Stick Up Cam to be permanently connected to a power source (USB power bank, USB charger or the Ring Solar panel). It has a rubber sleeve which seals the connector from any moisture getting in to the Micro USB port. My only gripe with this is that the rim of plastic which sticks out from the Micro USB port is not very deep, so there is only 2 mm of plastic being gripped by the rubber sleeve – a little deeper would make it more secure. But having said that, it seems to be holding fine when I checked so it should be OK.

Supplied long Micro USB cable with rubber seal to protect from the rain

After fixing the mounting plate onto the top of my observatory, the next step was to determine the best position to mount the camera to get the angle of the backyard. I decided that mounting using the upper most bracket on the back of the Stick Up Cam would give me the angle I wanted to capture.

Stick Up Cam mounted

As you can see, the USB cable is permanently mounted onto the camera with the rubber sleeve protecting the port from moisture. Once the correct angle for the camera is found (by checking on the App), then the 2 Philips screws seen in the picture below can be tightened to prevent further movement of the camera.

Power Connection for Stick Up Cam
Mounted and functioning

Now as I already had the Ring App installed on my iPhone, I was able to set this up fairly quickly. Within 5 minutes it was connected to my Router. I did find that the signal from the Router was poor, so I had to move my router a little to overcome this – otherwise I would have needed to get the Ring Chime Pro which also acts as a Wi-Fi extender.

As the orange button is tucked away behind the protective flap and easily accessible, it is best to mount the camera where it is out of reach. Mine is mounted where you need a ladder to get to it, so should be relatively safe from tampering. I have set mine up to detect movement in my backyard, which will send me a notification on my iPhone straight away. I have also set it up to allow Live View of the backyard at the touch of a button on the Ring App, so I can keep an eye on the backyard from anywhere in the world. I can even talk to my daughter if she happens to be playing in the garden.

Notification when motion detected in Backyard

What I like about the Ring Stick Up Cam?

  1. Reasonably priced and very easy to install. Can run on its own rechargeable battery for a very long time if it is not convenient to keep it permanently plugged into power. Will take 5 hrs to fully charge using a 2 A USB charger.
  2. Provides security monitoring of the premises when you are away from home – so you can warn the intruders and/or call the police if you detect intruders while you are out. And hopefully this can prevent the house from being burgled.
  3. Picture quality is good and also provides two-way communication through Live View or when you answer the movement notification by opening the App.
  4. Has custom setup for sensitivity of movement detection and even zone of detection.
  5. Offers Cloud recording which can be stored for 6 months as an option (paid).

What could be improved?

  1. As mentioned previously, there is only a 2 mm thick rim of plastic around the Micro USB port which is gripped by the rubber sleeve of the USB cable to protect it from moisture. Having this a little deeper will make it safer.
  2. The orange setup button is so easily accessed simply by lifting the protective flap and pressing it. Although this provides easy access, it also presents a risk for unauthorised access/tampering. Perhaps a lockable access to this button should be considered. Or mounting the Stick Up Cam where this button is not easily accessible.
  3. The Stick Up Cam is dependent on your Wi-Fi signal to work properly, so placement of the Wi-Fi router is important. Otherwise you may need to buy the Ring Chime Pro which also doubles as a Wi-Fi extender, to get this to work.
  4. You do have to pay a monthly or annual charge to continue with the Cloud recording after the first free trial month (but it is worth it as it gives you access to recordings for 6 months).


After the news of burglaries happening around us, we felt that we needed to step-up the security measures for our home. And with the Ring Stick Up Cam now installed, we feel that this has definitely improved our house security. It is reasonably priced, easy to install and works well to detect motion, but also to act as a Live View camera with two-way communication. I will be subscribing to the Cloud recording service as this is essential for it to work fully.  My family like it, and we feel safer already. That in itself already makes it worth getting. Definitely recommended.


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