Riedel Ouverture Wine Glass

The glass I normally used to drink wine from, was the very nicely made Riedel port glass. This is small and nicely shaped. Unfortunately recently while cleaning it, I knocked it against the dinner table and it broke. Hence the job was on to look for a replacement wine glass. While researching about the various wine glasses available, I found out that the small glasses we were using (ISO tasting glass and my Riedel Port glass), were not really ideal to maximize the enjoyment of the different varieties of wine. Hence a different type of glass was required.

After trawling through the internet, I finally arrived at the Riedel Ouverture Magnum wine glass. There are reviews which state that they work well with many different varietals of wine, both red and white. Hence it would be an ideal glass to have to hand, particularly when we open a nice bottle of wine for dinner. I managed to buy this from Amazon Prime with next day delivery; I bought 8 in total, so there are plenty of spares in case I break another glass or two.

In posting this thread, there are quite a few first time events for me.

1) First time I’m cooking our home grown runner beans or any vegetable for that matter.

Stir-fry home grown runner beans
Stir-fry home grown runner beans

The runner beans was served as part of my meal, with the beef. And they were delicious – can’t get better than freshly picked vegetables from the garden.

Wagyu sirloin steak with runner beans and mashed potatoes
Wagyu sirloin steak with runner beans and mashed potatoes

2) The second first, is that this is the first time we are using the Riedel Ouverture Magnum wine glass. Hence to christen it, I had to choose a nice bottle of wine. I decided on the Chateau Angludet from the Margaux region in Bordeaux, France. The first impression is that the glass definitely improves the wine drinking experience, as it allows for the wine aroma to come through when you swirl the wine around – hence the nose of the wine does really come through well. It just goes to show that we were probably not doing our wine justice in the past when we were serving wine in the small ISO tasting glasses (and my Riedel Port glass).

Riedel Overture Magnum wine glass
Riedel Ouverture Magnum wine glass – note the name on the base of the glass

3) The third first for me, is that this is the first time we are drinking wine that we had bought en primeur (prior to the wine being bottled). The Chateau Angludet was bought when the wine was up for sale by the chateau through the wine sellers at the time that the 2010 vintage was being offered – and 2010 was a great vintage for Bordeaux indeed. Now I only took delivery of the wine about a year ago after it had been released by the chateau to the wine seller, and it has been resting and maturing in my wine fridge all this time. This wine is supposed to be ready for drinking from a young age, even though it is from an excellent vintage – a great wine to drink from our new wine glass, and a great pairing with the steak as well.

Chateau Angludet 2010
Chateau Angludet 2010

Certainly drinking this wine from the Riedel Ouverture Magnum glass helped to show how good it was. And the wine did serve to clean the palate, and allow the flavours of the steak to come through even more.

My wife certainly was very pleased with the wine glass I bought, both from the aesthetics point of view and its functionality in showing the wine at its best. And it is very reasonably priced as well (much less than the cost of replacing the Riedel Port glass).

What I like about this glass?

Being 20cm in height it is not overly tall – especially for a glass with a capacity of over 500 mls. It has a shorter stem than many other glasses, which contributes to its overall stability. The large capacity allows for easier swirling of the wine, to allow the aroma to build up. Best of all is that it is very reasonably priced (£66.31 for 8 glasses), particularly as it is a German product.