Review: Phottix Odin for Sony

Earlier this year, I bought a set of Phottix Odin wireless triggers ( one transmitter and two receivers) to use with the Sony A7R, HVL-58AM and HVL-F43AM flash.

Phottix Odin transmitter on Sony A7R (via Sony ADP-MAA adapter)
Back view of Phottix Odin transmitter

This system uses the old Sony hotshot, so requires the Sony ADP-MAA adapter to use with newer Sony cameras which have the new multi-interface hotshot. Similarly if you want to use the newer Sony flash (HVL-F60M, HVL-F43M) with the Phottix Odin, you will require the Sony ADP-AMA adapter. I gather this is included with the HVL-F60M but not with the HVL-F43M.

There are two modes which this camera can function in:

1) 3-group TTL/manual mode control, where the output of the three groups can be adjusted individually (+/- 3.0 EV)

3-group TTL/manual control mode
3-group TTL/manual control mode

2) TTL ratio mode where you control the ratio of output of two groups of flash (from 8:1 to 1:8)

2-group ratio mode
2-group ratio mode (set at 1.5:1)

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