Review: Filter changing adapters

I have tried quite a few filter changing adapters to mount various filters to some of my lenses. With 4 different filters (currently) to use when I shoot flowers, it is important to have a simple and effective method of changing filters. There are also photographers who use circular polarisers or neutral density filters regularly, who will find at least one of these adapters useful.

The main reasons to have filter changing (quick release) adapters is to:

1) Save time when changing filters

2) Prevent dropping/damaging filters while changing filters or scratching the lens

3) Result in as little movement of camera as possible when changing filters, so that the perspective of the subject remains as similar as possible to previous shots

4) Prevent dethreading of filters or lenses from constant changing of filters

5) As the result of the above, could save you a lot of money (also remember that time is money)

These are the ones I have tried.

• TS 2″ drawer

• MagFilter (magnetic)

• Xume adapter (magnetic)

1) TS 2″ quick change filter drawer from Germany, with 48mm threads in the front and rear; usually used for astrophotography with 2″ astronomy filters.

TS 2" filter quick changer drawer
TS 2″ filter quick changer drawer

This works well with very little movement of camera when changing filters, but is bulky. It costs ~€99, so is not cheap. But it does also work with 50x50mm square filters; I have a RG665 in that size which fits perfectly into one of the drawers (just needs some means of sticking it in there, such as black PVC tape or epoxy resin).

Because of its thickness and its being limited to 2″ filters, it will not work with lenses with larger filter diameter.

Score 5/10 (points lost because of bulkiness)

TS 2" quick filter drawer
TS 2″ quick filter drawer

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