RAVPower 64GB iPhone Lightning Flash Drive USB 3.0

Many years ago, I had bought the first USB drive for iPhones and iPad – Photoflash i-FlashDrive. Back then it cost a fair bit of money and was very disappointingly slow, to the point of being unusable. Hence I had not paid any attention to subsequent USB drives for the iPhone until now. As I had need of one, after researching online I finally settled on getting the RAVPower 64GB Lightning Flash Drive with SD card reader – cost £39.99 from Amazon.co.uk.Now this purchase gave me a totally new experience. It was the first time I had purchased from Amazon Prime with next day delivery to an Amazon Locker. And it went very smoothly. I simply went to the appointed Locker, displayed the bar code Amazon sent me on the screen of my iPhone, and presented this to the scanner on the Amazon Locker. The locker holding my item then opened up for me to claim my purchase. Great!

Now the RAVPOWER Lightning Flash Drive comes in a simple black box, with foam padding to protect the Flash Drive. There were no instructions included, but that is probably not necessary as the iPhone or iPad will prompt you on which App (iPlugmate) to download the first time you plug this Flash Drive into the Lightning port.

RAVPOWER Lightning and USB 3.0 Flash Drive with SD card reader

It comes with a USB 3.0 connector plug on one end for use with PCs, Laptops and MacBooks.

USB 3.0 plug

When the protective cover is rotated by 180 degrees, it reveals the other connector plug on the opposite end – Lightning plug for use with iPhones and iPads.

Lightning plug for connecting with iPhone and iPad

The SD card reader is situated on the side of the Flash Drive. This will work both on iOS (iPhone & iPad) devices as well as computers (Windows or MacOS).

SD card reader

My first thoughts were that it is relatively heavy at 62 grams. And it is not very small either. But bearing in mind the number of functions it serves: it is a 64GB Flash Drive, an SD card reader, and has connector plugs for both computers and Lightning iOS devices, the size can be forgiveable.

Weight 62 grams

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