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RAVPower 64GB iPhone Lightning Flash Drive USB 3.0 – Page 2

Below is the photo of the Flash Drive connected to my iPhone 6 Plus, with an SD card in the card reader. As you can see, it is fairly big in size, and hence would be used only when needed – rather than plugged in long term.

Plugged into iPhone 6 Plus, with SD card in the reader

The first thing that happened when I plugged in the RAVPOWER Flash Drive, is that the iPhone and iPad indicated that I had not downloaded the App for it – iPlugmate. And it directs me to download this from the App Store.

iPlugmate App for iOS devices

Once this is downloaded, it will go through the instructions on how to use it. And then it is ready to go – mine shows the various accessible memory: iPhone internal memory, the RAVPOWER Flash Drive as External Storage, and also my SD card. Each of these can be accessed through the App. It is fairly easy to cut and paste the files from one location to another. And in my case I want to be able to easily transfer photo files from my iPhone to my Laptop and vice versa, to make updating my website easier.

Compatibility with numerous file types (photos, videos, audio, documents)

Below are some photos I had transferred from my iPhone onto the Flash Drive so I can use them in a Powerpoint presentation on my Microsoft Surface Pro. In the past I would have had to transfer this to my Diskstation and then download it onto the Surface Pro – this Flash Drive makes it a whole lot easier and quicker.

Photos I had transferred from my iPhone onto the RAVPOWER Flash Drive

What I like about the RAVPOWER Lightning Flash Drive?

  1. The device works to transfer files between different devices both iOS and Windows.
  2. The transfer speeds are very good with the USB 3.0, and decent with the Lightning port – much better than the first generation i-Flashdrive. Definitely usable.
  3. It functions as a fast USB 3.0 SD Card reader for the computer, and Lightning SD card reader for iOS devices. Hence there is no need to buy separate card readers (one for the iPhone & one for my Laptop).
  4. The free iPlugmate App allows for compatibility with many different media and file formats, so they can be viewed from within the App. But it is also possible to open these files in other Apps on the iPhone/iPad.
  5. The Flash Drive does not have its own battery, but draws power from the device it is connected to. Hence it will never run out of battery.

What could be improved?

  1. The cover only protects one end of the Flash drive depending on how you rotate it, so at least one of the plugs will be exposed; I would leave the USB end uncovered, as the Lightning plug is likely to be more fragile.
  2. The size and weight are such that it is not a device you would leave connected to the iPhone or iPad for long periods of time. It would have to be pretty small and out of the way if it were supposed to be used long-term.


The RAVPOWER Lightning Flash Drive does work well both as a Flash Drive and an SD card reader (I’ve used it for both in writing this review) – and this on both iOS and Windows devices. The transfer speeds are pretty decent with both USB 3.0 and Lightning connections. It is reasonably priced at £39.99. It is definitely usable (unlike the i-Flashdrive), so for those looking for a go-between device (Windows to iOS or vice-versa) this Flash Drive does work. Recommended.


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