Rachel’s Cafe in Oxford

Recently we were made aware of a quaint little cafe along St Clement’s Street in Oxford, called Rachel’s Cafe, as one of our neighbours bought us some moon cakes from there around the Mid-Autumn festival. Hence we decided that we would go visit there to get lunch and more moon cakes late last Saturday morning.

On the day we went, it was fairly busy with customers coming in and out. We took the opportunity to have a look around, and I took some photos. During this trip, we found out that Rachel’s Cafe has been open in Oxford for three years. They do use traditional methods to warm the food up prior to serving, so will take a little time.

Rachel’s Cafe

There are many signs scattered around the cafe, to introduce customers to what they have to offer. Although the sign below is likely to tempt coffee lovers to buy a cup of coffee, we resisted as we went there just to buy the food.

Coffee Sign

My wife had read that they sold Vietnamese pork rolls or Banh-Mi baguette, and hence she wanted to try these. When we lived in Australia years ago, we used to buy Vietnamese pork rolls to eat; and my wife wanted to relive some of those memories. We also wanted to buy some of their moon cakes.

Baguette & Panini
Banh-Mi baguette

My oldest daughter ordered a tuna mayo panini, my youngest had the char siu pork bun, whereas my wife and I had the char siu pork and lemon grass pork Banh-Mi baguettes (we split it so we had half of each).

Steamed buns
Other pastries

My daughter who has recently discovered a liking for coffee was suitably impressed with their coffee machine. But we did not buy any coffee, as we were going home to eat our lunch where I would be brewing fresh cups of hot coffee for everyone.

Coffee machine

Below are the photos of the moon cakes we were also interested in. They were fresh, tasted nice but also felt healthy – not overly oily. Now many moon cakes have egg yolk in them, which we do not like – so it was great that their moon cakes had none in them. They had moon cakes with lotus seed paste filling or red bean paste filling – we prefer the lotus seed paste.

Moon cakes
Moon cakes

There are a few small tables and chairs in the back of the cafe for customers to sit down and eat in. My youngest daughter commented that it was very cosy in there, as she went to sit there while we waited for our food to be prepared.

Sitting area with a few tables and chairs

These are the moon cakes we bought – which at the time of writing has already been consumed (my daughter did give one to her best friend at school who loves moon cakes).

Moon cakes
Snow skin moon cake – I actually like this, but it is sweeter than the traditional moon cakes

My daughters both enjoyed the food immensely, as well as the cups of coffee I brewed for them. The moon cakes were very nice too. Definitely worth popping in around Mid-Autumn festival and Dragon Boat Festival time (sticky rice parcels), as they have the special food made particularly for these celebrations.