Polar Pro Venture 3-Filter Set

Recently while videoing my koi with the GoPro Hero 5 black camera, I noticed that the reflections on the water was having a significant impact on the visibility of the koi. In order to reduce the reflections, I would need a polarizing filter which would fit on my GoPro Hero 5 and be light enough not to affect balance on the Karma Grip. Hence I bought the Polar Pro Venture 3-filter set, which has a linear polarizer, an ND8 filter and an ND8 graduated filter – cost £49.99.

The filter set comes with a storage case. Unfortunately the front of the case is not protected and hence you can see some marks on it, which were present when it arrived. But the filters inside looked clean and unmarked.

Polar Pro Venture Filter 3-pack set for GoPro Hero 5 Black

Although I bought the filter set mainly for the polarizer,  as the box with the other filters does not take up much space it will be in my camera bag and hence is likely to get some use too – particularly to reduce shutter speed and capture some motion blur.

3-pack filter: Linear polarizer, ND8 filter and ND8 graduated filter
Filters in storage case
Left: polarizer, Center: ND8, Right: ND8 graduated filter

As you can see, it has the name of the filter on its side. There is a slit at the base where a thin cord can be threaded and secured to the GoPro frame to prevent losing the filter should it fall out. To be fair, the filter fits relatively tightly and needs a little force to take it off, but perhaps with constant use that may no longer be the case. Always better to be safe.

Polarizer – clips onto the front window

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