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Polar Pro Venture 3-filter set – Page 2

As each filter is labelled with its name, it should be easy to know whether you have taken the right filter out of the case; for me I have the polarizer to the left, ND8 in the middle and ND8 graduated to the right – so I always know which filter is which.

Polar Pro filters

Now it should be noted that with the filter on the GoPro Hero 5, it is not possible to fit the camera into its housing frame as it juts out too much. Similarly in order to remove the camera from the housing frame, one would have to detach the filter first. But that is not too big an issue.

Filters mounted onto Hero 5 Black in the frame

I managed to capture the video below to illustrate the difference between with and without polarizer filter on.

What do I like about the Polar Pro Venture filter set for Hero 5 black?

  1. The filters are light and fit snugly on the Hero 5 black, and does not affect its use on the Karma Grip.
  2. The polarizer filter definitely reduces the reflections which the GoPro captures, which means better quality video footage.
  3. The fact it is compact and comes in a flat storage box means it is easy to bring along and use.
  4. The cost is reasonable bearing in mind there are 3 filters in this set.

What could be improved?

  1. It would have been nice if the filter set was one where each filter replaces the protective glass of the camera rather than an extra piece of glass sitting on top of it – I suppose this was a cost issue as it would be more expensive to make it water-tight.


I am happy with the effect I am getting with the Polar Pro polarizer filter, as it reduces the reflections off shiny surfaces such as water that can adversely affect video capture.  It will definitely help me in shooting videos with the GoPro Hero 5 black. The quality of the product is good and worth the money paid. I would buy it again. Recommended.


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