Pokemon – Vivillon variants

So far in the Pokedex, there are 802 different Pokemon (although 1 is still yet to be made available – Marshadow which is no. 802 on the Pokedex). But there are some Pokemon which have different appearances depending on its gender, or actual different variants. One of the more interesting Pokemon with 20 different variants to collect, is Vivillon which is a butterfly-like Pokemon.A few weeks ago, I had started to collect and trade for the different variants of Vivillon. These different variants can be found scattered throughout the different regions in the world. Hence in UK, we find the garden pattern (green) Vivillon, and any Scatterbug that is hatched from an egg or caught in UK, will all evolve into the same pattern. So the only way to get the other variants of Vivillon is to trade for these on the Pokemon GTS or Scatterbugs from other regions of the world.

I managed to get most of the variants within the first 3 days of collecting, but the last 2-3 variants (Sandstorm, Icy Snow and Pokeball) took another 1+ week to collect. The last one I managed to get from trading with someone through Link trade was the Pokeball Vivillon. Here I post all the different variants of Vivillon.

My collection of Vivillon

These I’ve listed in order of the most common Vivillon that I’ve found on the GTS to the rarest, which obviously would be an event Vivillon. Unsurprisingly the commonest ones are from Japan, Europe and America.

Elegant Vivillon found in Japan and France (v. common)
Meadow Vivillon found in some European countries (v. common)
Modern Vivillon found in many states in USA (v. common)
Garden Vivillon found in UK (common)
Continental Vivillon found in many European countries (common)
High Plains Vivillon found in many states of USA (common)
Polar Vivillon found in Canada, some states of USA, some European countries (less common)
River Vivillon found in Australia (less common)

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