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Pokemon – Vivillon variants Page 2

Marine pattern Vivillon found in some European countries (less common)
Monsoon Vivillon from HK, Taiwan, India (less common)
Tundra Vivillon found in Norway, Hokkaido and Yukon (fairly rare)
Jungle pattern Vivillon found in Malaysia and some South American countries (Fairly rare)
Savanna Vivillon found in some South American countries (fairly rare)
Ocean Vivillon found in Hawaii, Caribbean and Reunion, France (fairly rare)
Sun Vivillon found in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Australian Northern Territory (fairly rare)
Archipelago Vivillon found in South Africa, Indonesia,Jamaica, Puerto Rico etc (rare)
Icy Snow Vivillon found in very few European countries (rare)
Sandstorm Vivillon found in UAE and Saudi Arabia (rare)
Fancy Vivillon Event Pokemon (very rare) in Cherish ball
PokeBall Vivillon from Pokemon Event (very rare) in ordinary PokeBall

I actually did not think I would manage to get all the 20 different variants of the Vivillon. But through various ways of trading, I have managed to get all of them, with the last one being the PokeBall Vivillon which was Link traded to me. And through the generosity of people trading with me on the GTS, I also managed to get 4 of the Fancy Vivillon (event Pokemon), which hopefully I will be able to trade for other event Pokemon.


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