Pokemon Pokerus in Moon – how to give them to your Pokemon

Now recently with the trading of Pokemon on the GTS, I found that there was a Solgaleo which I had helped my daughter trade for which had Pokerus. I was told when visiting the Pokemon Center to heal up the Pokemon that one of them had the Pokerus virus. Now the Solgaleo had a smiley face, which means that it has the Pokerus virus but was unable to pass this on to other Pokemon. But that meant I had to keep an eye on the other Pokemon I received from trades, in case one of them had live Pokerus which I could pass on to other Pokemon. I did not have to wait long as an Azelf which was traded had it, and so I set about passing this on to the other Pokemon.Now why would anyone want to pass the Pokerus virus to their Pokemon. Simply put, this virus is actually beneficial to the Pokemon and enables them to get boosted Stat increases from battling and leveling up. So in fact, the earlier the Pokemon gets this virus, the more opportunity for the Pokerus to boost up the stats of the Pokemon. So initially I set out to pass this on to as many Pokemon as I could and then to find a way to give it to a level 1 Pokemon, and after a few tries I succeeded.

First I chose two Pokemon which had the Pokerus, with one of them being the main one for battling – the level 61 Primarina below.

My main Pokemon used for battling which has the Pokerus

Now after researching on the internet, I found that the most efficient way to get all the Pokemon infected, is to put a Pokemon with Pokerus in positions 2 and 5 of the team, as they both will infect the Pokemon either side of them after you have done a few battles (completely random as I have had the Pokerus passed to all Pokemon after 1 battle or only after many battles). It helps if the accompanying Pokemon level up a few times, which is why I chose ones which I had hatched from eggs at level 1.

My team of 6 Pokemon – the one I would like to keep at level 1 male Archen is in position 1 (both Primarina and Audino have Pokerus)

First I make the first Pokemon faint so it does not level up (the one below was a female Archen). Then I win the battle with my Primarina. After each battle I would check to see if the other Pokemon had caught the Pokerus. If not, then I would carry on battling until they caught the Pokerus.

Archen Level 1 made to faint in battle

Once the Pokemon are infected, I would bring them back to the Pokemon Center to heal up and as you can see below the level 1 Archen also has the Pokerus. So the Pokemon will still catch the Pokerus even when it is fainted.

Now has Pokerus at Level 1

But as the other Pokemon will level up after each battle, you do end up with a few which are higher in level – but at least they have caught the Pokerus as well.

Level 13 Archen with Pokerus (one of the other Pokemon in the team)

And I have been putting these Pokemon into the GTS to trade with others. I have renamed them I’ve-POKERUS, so those who are interested in getting these Pokemon to pass the Pokerus to their own Pokemon can trade for them.

Audino renamed to say I’ve-POKERUS with trainer Justine

Now unfortunately there is a life-span during which the Pokerus is still infectious. After between 1-4 days, it will cease to be this way, although the Pokemon continue to retain the stat-boosting ability. So the best way to preserve some Pokemon with the Pokerus is to keep them in storage and only take them out if you intend to use them to pass it on to other Pokemon. The Level 100 Primarina was left in the team and overnight became non-infectious, which is why I have had to use a different one to battle with.

Primarina with smiley face – no longer infectious (but still having stat-boosting Pokerus)