Pokemon Moon other legendaries

Now the great thing about Pokemon games is that they do have side-quests to keep the game interesting after the main game is completed. And one of these is the collection of the legendary Pokemon. In this post I will cover Magearna and also Zygarde.

Now to get Magearna, I had to search online for its QR code and use the QR scanner to add this Pokemon onto the Pokedex. Once this was done, I simply had to visit the deliveryman at the Antiquities of the Ages shop in Hau’oli City to get it. The QR code is available here at www.pokemon.com:


Magearna – received as a gift after scanning QR code.

That was the easy part. But to get the Zygarde 100% (complete) forme, you have to collect all 100 Zygarde cores and cells which are scattered throughout the Alola region. There are many different websites which have useful information to help achieve this, and I did rely on these alot. I had to go through them again and again in order to help my daughter complete this. But complete it we did.

Collected the last Zygarde cell
Collected 100/100 Zygarde cores and cells

After collecting all the Zygarde Cores and Cells, the next step is to go and assemble them into the complete forme. Next is to go to the caravan that is to the right of the Pokemon Centre on Route 16. Once in there, you can use the machine to assemble Zygarde.

Assembling Zygarde to the 100% (complete) forme
Assembly process
Assembly process
Assembly process complete

Once you have assembled the Zygarde Complete forme, it will still look the same as the Zygarde 50% forme, but with the Power Construct ability.

Zygarde 100% forme with power construct ability

It is only during battle when its HP is below 50% that the Zygarde will show its complete forme as you can see below.

Zygarde Complete Form with Power Construct ability in battle (when HP below 50%)
Zygarde Complete Forme

My daughter was very pleased that we had completed this quest, as this quest can be a little frustrating especially when you have just 1-2 cells left to collect to complete it – and you need to go everywhere to find that last 1 or 2 cells.