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For Christmas last year, my youngest daughter asked for a Nintendo 2DS with the Pokemon Moon game. She only started playing this early this year, and at times has needed my help. But she has finally completed the main game, becoming the Alola Champion and opened up the extra side quests in the game. Recently I had also discovered the GTS Pokemon trading system, and have managed to help her complete her Alola Pokedex. Hence I thought I would share my thoughts on this, as well as share her completed Pokedex containing one of each Pokemon (including the #301 – Magearna). Hopefully the yet to be released trading system for Pokemon Go will be just as good.

Now there are a total of 302 Pokemon in the Alola Pokedex. The # 302 is Marshadow which is not released and hence does not appear on the Pokedex. So only 301 Pokemon are listed on the Alola Pokedex for Pokemon Sun and Moon players.

Completed Alola Pokedex
Completion of Alola Pokedex

Now the key to completing the Pokedex is trading Pokemon, as some are only possible to evolve through trading. Hence going to the Festival Plaza and choosing trading and GTS will enable the player to do so (this requires an internet connection).

Festival Plaza – to conncet
Festival plaza – allows for choice of battling or trading Pokemon
Select the GTS for the global trading system (goes onto the Internet)

Once in the GTS, it allows you two methods to trade Pokemon with other players: Seeking Pokemon that players have put up for trade, or Depositing Pokemon that you would like to trade.

Two methods to trade Pokemon – Seek Pokemon by searching for the ones that people have put up for trade. Deposit Pokemon so people can find Pokemon you would like to trade

Now I do need to say that there are some players who are very specific when it comes to trading and I did not have Pokemon meeting their requirements to be able to trade with them. That is why I’ve found more success by depositing Pokemon for trade, and I do not specify level or gender when offering a trade. Hence I’ve even managed to get 2 of each Pokemon Sun/Moon legendaries: Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo and Lunala. I’ve also managed to get 2 Buzzwole and Kartana, which I can use to trade with others in future.

Cosmog which I had traded for

Things to consider when trading:

  1. Not everyone has the same goals as you, so do not be surprised if they are willing to trade certain rare Pokemon. Some are simply looking to complete the Pokedex, others are collecting one of each kind, while others are looking for rare Pokemon, for battling or other reasons. And there are many trainers out there. Therefore they may be more amenable to trade certain Pokemon, just to get what they want.
  2. If you are more flexible with the Pokemon you would like to trade for, you are more likely to get a successful trade (limiting to certain levels and gender will reduce the likelihood that someone has a Pokemon they can trade with you – that is what I found anyway).
  3. Breed rare Pokemon (e.g. starter Pokemon – Popplio, Rowlett or Litten, Pokemon from fossils – Archen, Cranidos, Shieldon or Tirtouga) and put these up for swaps. It may be worth trading for certain legendaries e.g. Solgaleo/Lunala/Cosmog, and then using these to swap with other trainers for other legendaries. I’ve managed to breed plenty of Fossil Pokemon to swap for other Pokemon (e.g. Milotic, Electevire, Politoed etc).
  4. I have even bred the Pokemon I’ve traded for (from Sun) and used these as trade stock, as┬áthat means I will have something that both Sun and Moon trainers will be looking for. For example, I managed to trade a Level 1 Archen for a level 83 Solgaleo, which I then traded for a Cosmog.
  5. If you note a demand for certain Pokemon e.g. Lunala from Sun trainers or Solgaleo from Moon trainers, try to trade for these and keep them as trade stock – that way you may be able to get some very rare Pokemon that some trainer is putting up for trade. That is why I occasionally trade for extra numbers of these, so I can use them to get even rarer Pokemon down the line.
  6. For rarer Pokemon, I tend to leave longer before checking back. And for those Pokemon left on GTS overnight, usually by the next day, someone has traded for it. It is always exciting to see that someone has traded a Lunala or Solgaleo overnight with you.

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