Pokémon Go Watch

While updating the Apps on my iPhone last night, I noticed that there was an update available for Pokemon Go allowing for the use of the Apple Watch to receive notifications and collect items from the Pokestops. As my oldest daughter has an Apple Watch, she updated her App as well. But she also had to update her iOS and the Apple watchOS before she could install the App on her watch.

Here are some of the screen grabs. We initially had to wait until the App was installed onto the Apple Watch which did take a very long time – here it shows that it is still installing.

Apple Watch App on iPhone – installing Pokemon Go

Once it is installed, then the Pokeball icon will appear on the Apple Watch and then it is ready to start playing Pokemon Go.

Pokémon Go icon on Apple Watch

The start screen shows your avatar, the level you are on and the distance to go before an egg hatches. The large start button at the bottom is to initiate a walk, which will then allow you to see the Pokemon you encounter as well as other screens.

Start screen with the button to start the walk

My daughter has set it to show both Pokemon and Pokestops.

Notification screen – set for Pokemon and Pokestops

As you can see below, she has stopped playing Pokemon for quite a while as it had got rather boring – hence she has quite a few eggs waiting to be hatched for quite a few weeks now.

Egg hatching screen

There is also a screen to show how long the walk was, how many calories burned and other interesting information e.g. Number of eggs hatching and what Pokemon are nearby.

Walk mode commenced – show distance walked and calories burned

Now while Pokemon Go on Apple Watch will allow you to collect items from Pokestops, it does not allow for the catching of Pokemon – otherwise it would make the Pokémon Go Plus accessory obsolete.

All in all, it has been a worthwhile addition to this game, particularly for those who already own the Apple Watch. Although I would not think it likely that people would fork out such a big sum of money to get the Apple Watch just to play Pokemon Go.

Hopefully there will be more to come from Niantic to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas - gifts for each day would be happily received, especially if there is the release of legendary Pokemon (fingers crossed). Even I am starting to get bored with this game now, as it has been so long since I have caught or evolved any new Pokémon. Mainly Ditto, festive Pikachu, Festive Raichu and Charizard.

A whole army of Dittos
Army of Festive Pikachus
Festive Pikachu
Festive Raichu evolved from the Festive Pikachu
Charizard – last of the starter Pokémon I finally evolved

I have not been able to hatch new Pokemon e.g. Togepi or Pichu from the 20 or so eggs so far, which is rather disappointing.