Pokemon Go Update (new features)

Over the last few weeks, since the introduction of the Generation 2 Pokemon, things have got a little stale and boring. After the first 7 day Streak of collecting from the Pokestop gave me a King’s rock, I have not managed to get any further special items in the last 3 weeks, even from the 7-day streaks. Hence it was interesting to see the release of an update to Pokemon Go today which would change all that.

Special Items for Evolving Pokemon:

I only saw this update on my iPhone App Store today, although the release date was yesterday (must have been late yesterday). I knew I had to download it straight away, as it would enable me to get the Evolution items needed to evolve some of the Pokemon I have.

Update to Pokemon Go to include random evolution item for the 7-day Pokestop streak

And when I saw that there was a Totodile at the nearby Pokestop, I went to catch this and to collect items from the Pokestop. Imagine my excitement to see that I did not just get one but two such items today, particularly when the description of the update is for a random Evolution item.

The items collected from the 7 day streak today – yielded 2 special items

I am now able to evolve my Porygon, and either my Scyther or Onix; the same situation I was faced with when I had the King’s rock (evolve Slaking or Politoed).

Metal Coat and Up-Grade – special items for evolving Pokemon

Here I’ve shown the Pokemon that can be evolved with these two items.

Metal Coat – to evolve Scyther to Scizor
Metal Coat – to evolve Onix to Steelix

In the end I chose to evolve my Scyther this time round and will evolve Onix if and when I get the Metal Coat next time.

Up-Grade – to evolve Porygon to Porygon-2

Pokemon Locator Function:

Now the other feature which is exciting, is that the Pokemon locator function has improved significantly. When you bring up the screen of the Pokemon nearby, you will also be able select a Pokemon near a particular feature by tapping on it. This then brings up a screen with the location where the Pokemon is and an icon with the Pokemon feet.

Location of Pokemon with feet icon

Tapping on this feet icon will bring up the Pokemon locator which shows where the Pokemon is on a 2-D map.

Highlights where the Pokemon is located

This will show for a little while but will remain highlighted when returning to the 3-D map view, so you can orientate yourself on which direction to go to find that Pokemon. It will even inform you when the Pokemon has fled, so you don’t waste your time continuing to search for it.

Will highlight the location relative to your current location

My Current Pokedex:

As of today, I have managed to catch 209 Pokemon for my Pokedex, and have seen 219 Pokemon, which means that I will have another 26 more new ones I have left to catch (after subtracting the legendary and regional Pokemon).

My Pokedex as of today

I have to say that Pokemon Go functionality has improved, but I’m finding that I’m spending less time playing it nowadays – which is completely understandable. But I will definitely keep collecting from the Pokestops each day, just to keep the streak going.