Pokemon Go – Togetic and Completed Pokedex

It has been a long time coming, but I’ve finally collected all the Pokemon I can in England. I have caught 151 different Pokemon and seen 154 (includes the 3 regional Pokemon). The last Pokemon I managed to get was Togetic (evolved from Togepi using 50 Togepi candy).

Togepi finally with 50 candy

Evolution of Togepi
To Togetic
Togetic added to Pokedex
My Togetic

I originally hoped to get enough candy to evolve Togepi on Valentine’s day, but sadly that was not to be. But it did happen the day after, so that wasn’t too bad.

My Pokedex 1
My Pokedex 2
My Pokedex 3
My Pokedex 4
My Pokedex 5
My Pokedex 6

Now I was thinking that there is no point in continuing with Pokemon Go now that I’ve caught all the Pokemon available. But there is news that there are another 80 more of Generation 2 Pokemon being released sometime this week. But at least as of 15/2/17, I managed to complete my Pokedex. I think I should quit playing Pokemon Go, as this game is getting truly boring now – the extra 80 new Pokemon (but no legendary) just won’t do.

Niantic need to do something about this.