Pokemon Go: Special Items + Gen. 2 progress

Now when the generation 2 Pokemon came out and there was the release of the Special Items, I had noted that I received the King’s Rock which evolves Poliwhirl to Politoed and Slowpoke to Slowking. Naturally I thought that this may be a phenomenon which would be repeated, and hence I waited until the second week to see if I manage to get another special item.Unfortunately, that turned out to not happen on the seventh day collecting at the Pokestop as you can see below. Hence I’ve not managed to get another special item in all the visits to the Pokestops throughout the week, which is a shame.

Day 7 Pokestop collection – no special item

But at least I managed to add to my Pokedex a few more Pokemon – now I have caught 38 new Pokemon since generation 2 came out (excluding the Gen. 2 babies). That means there are another 46 more Pokemon (excluding regionals and legendaries) that are available for me to collect.

189 Pokemon caught and 198 seen

The most notable additions to my Pokedex are Cyndaquil (Fire starter Pokemon), Sunkern (which will evolve to Sunflora with its special item), Gligar and Miltank both of which hatched from 10 km eggs.

Cyndaquil – starter Fire Pokemon Gen. 2
Sunkern – requires Sun stone to evolve to Sunflora
Gligar – hatched from 10 Km egg
Miltank from 10 Km egg

It does look like it will take a very long time to collect all the Pokemon, as the special items do not appear each week on the day 7 Pokestop collection. But that is probably to keep people engaged in the game until new additions come.