Pokemon Go Plus – further thoughts

Having bought the Pokemon Go Plus over 2 weeks ago and used it whenever I have had spare time, I thought I would share my thoughts about how it has fared so far.

These are the mportant things I have noted and would like to share with you:

  1. The Pokemon Go Plus currently only uses Poke Balls to catch Pokemon. Hence it can go through a fair number of Poke Balls (over 100 in just a few hours) depending on density of Pokemon in the surrounding area, so it is worth stocking up on this by collecting from PokeStops whenever possible.
  2. I suspect the reason the Shop in Pokemon Go stocks Poke Balls only and you can only use Poke Balls with the Go Plus, is a strategy to generate more revenue for Niantic; hence it is unlikely they will introduce the ability to choose Great Balls and Ultra Balls for the Go Plus – it is all about the money (I hope Niantic do prove me wrong here, but I won’t be holding my breath).
  3. As mentioned previously, the Pokemon found by the Pokemon Go Plus is shown by a red dot with a white/yellow line linking it to the Go Plus icon at the top left of the screen (see below). This can be very helpful if you have your smartphone on, as you can choose whether to catch with the Go Plus or to do so manually – why waste Poke Balls on the harder to catch Fearows or Golbats. But there are times when the red dot and white line appear even before a Pokemon appears on the screen, which can be used to help pinpoint where Pokemon are – like a Poke Radar function.

    Red dot and white line showing which Pokemon found by the Pokemon Go Plus
    Red dot and white line showing which Pokemon found by the Pokemon Go Plus
  4. The catch success rate using the Pokemon Go Plus is higher with Pidgey, Caterpie, Weedle, Rattatta, Zubats and Drowsee (for me anyway). But I have had success with catching rarer Pokemon as well, albeit at a lower success rate.
  5. To put it in perspective, I have caught 3 Eevees, 2 Squirtles, 1 Diglett, 2 Nidoran male and 3 Nidoran females using the Pokemon Go Plus, just to name a few. But I’ve also lost 5 Squirtles, 2 Charmanders, 1 Hitmonchan and over 7 Eevees in the process.
  6. One fact I had not noted before is that you do get XP even when you fail to catch a Pokemon. Hence with the Go Plus, even if the Pokemon escape, you will still get 25 XP for your effort. Bearing in mind that you are likely to find more Pokemon using the Go plus, this means even more XP gained to help with the grinding to get to the next level.
  7. For example, if you went out with 100 Poke Balls and used them all up (without restocking), the minimum XP you would get even if all the Pokemon escaped (highly unlikely) and you did not collect from any PokeStops, would be 25 x 100 = 2500 XP. So expect to get much more XP than that, as you are likely to catch at least 20-40% of the Pokemon, depending on the ones you encounter. I have done two screen grabs to show this added 25 XP (see below).
    XP total before catching Pokemon with Go Plus
    XP total before catching Pokemon with Go Plus

    XP total after failed attempt to catch with Go Plus (gained 25 XP)
    XP total after failed attempt to catch a Rattatta with Go Plus (gained 25 XP)
  8. If you can plan your journey on a bus or get someone to drive you about, it could really help with gaining XP. My wife has at times become the driver of our Pokemon tour, so my daughters and I could all collect from PokeStops, and catch Pokemon. The Go Plus makes this work even better, as you can use the Go Plus to catch Pokemon while using the screen to collect from the PokeStop – without the Go Plus, it would only be possible to do one or the other (not both). 
  9. Last Monday, I had a 10 Km egg in my egg incubator which I had walked 3.7 km, and had switched on my Go Plus while I was shopping in Asda. Pokemon kept popping up every now and then, so I used the Go Plus to try to catch them. At the end of the shopping, I found that my 10 Km egg was now nearly hatched at 9.7 km, which means that it did 6 km during that less than hour of shopping. That is probably due to the GPS wandering, so it is definitely something I will try and make the most of in future for egg hatching.
  10. The Pokemon Go Plus has definitely helped me to grind up to the next level quicker than I could previously, although at the expense of most of the Poke Balls I get from the PokeStops. Hence it is fairly likely for my Poke Balls total to drop down to single digits or zero when using it regularly, if I do not visit PokeStops. So my advice is to stock up as much as possible on Poke Balls.