Pokemon Go – new Pokemon

It has been a while since I posted about my new Pokemon, mainly because there aren’t many Pokemon left to catch. But with the introduction of the generation 2 Pokemon babies, I have managed to get a few more new Pokemon, as well as the Muk I have been waiting to get from evolving Grimer.

First are the 1st generation Pokemon that I wanted to get – Muk and also a Lapras hatched from a 10km egg (as the two Lapras I have are not very good ones).

Muk evolved from Grimer – finally
Lapras hatched from 10km egg

And the Pokemon from generation 2 – babies which you can only get by hatching eggs.

First is Pichu (baby Pikachu)which was the first generation 2 Pokemon baby I managed to hatch from a 5km egg.

Pichu – baby Pikachu

Next generation 2 baby Pokemon I managed to hatch from 5km egg was Togepi. This was the one new Pokemon I wanted to get – but took such a long time to come.

Togepi from 5km egg

I then put Togepi as my Buddy to walk with so it can find more candy.

Togepi set as my Buddy

As you can see, Togepi is held in the arms, unlike Pikachu which sits on the shoulder and other Pokemon which stand next to you.

Togepi in the arms as my Buddy

Next Pokemon baby I hatched was Cleffa (baby Cleffairy), which came from a 2km egg.

Cleffa – from 2km egg

The last one I managed to hatch is Magby (baby Magmar), which came from a 10km egg. As you can see, no. 238 looks like a Smoochum (baby Jynx).

Magby added to my Pokedex
Magby – hatched from 10km egg

There aren’t many new Pokemon left to catch, so hopefully Niantic will release a legendary Pokemon or five, as I know of so many people who have stopped playing Pokemon as it has got rather boring. And sadly the Christmas/New Year bonus was a big disappointment compared to the past bonuses.