Pokemon Go Generation 2

When I had completed the Pokedex with all the Pokemon that were available in England, I thought that it would be the end of Pokemon Go for me. But the day when my post came out, Niantic released the 80 Generation 2 Pokemon. And with these some new items as well, which made the game all interesting again.

New Special Items:

In preparation for the release of the Generation 2 Pokemon, I had been stockpiling candy for quite a few Pokemon: Eevee, Oddish, Slowpoke, Poliwag, Onix, Scyther, Porygon, Horsea, Zubat and Chansey. But some of these do require an extra item to evolve.

These are called special items which can be collected at the Pokestops, and I happened to get one from the Pokestop on my first Pokestop of Day 7 in a row of visiting one: King’s Rock.

Items collected on Day 7 of visiting Pokestops – includes a King’s rock

The King’s Rock was at the end of my items storage. But so far I have not received any further special items from the Pokestops – hence these are likely to be rare, and perhaps tied to certain number of visits to Pokestops.

Kings Rock in my inventory – used to evolve Poliwhirl and Slowpoke to generation 2 pokemon

As I only had one King’s Rock, I had to decide whether to evolve the Poliwhirl to Politoed, or my Slowpoke to Slowking. I decided to go with Slowking as the first one I get using the special items.

Poliwhirl – can be evolved using King’s Rock (and 100 Poliwag candy)
Slowpoke – can be evolved with King’s Rock (and 50 candy)
Slowking – evolved using 50 Slowpoke candy and 1 King’s Rock
My Slowking

I also evolved my two Eevees to Umbreon and Espreon, simply by renaming the Eevee to Tamao and Sakura respectively.

My Umbreon – evolved by changing name to Tamao
My Espreon – by changing name to Sakura

I managed to catch or evolve 23 generation 2 Pokemon (excluding the babies I had hatched before). Not bad.

New pokemon from generation 2
New pokemon from generation 2

So it looks like Pokemon Go is interesting and fun to play again. About time too!