Pokemon Go buddy

It has been over 2 months since Pokemon Go came out here in England. There have been some updates to the interface, and one of the most useful is that of a Pokemon Buddy, where you elect one Pokemon as your buddy to walk about with you. And depending on the buddy, walking a certain amount of distance will result in your buddy finding a Pokemon-specific candy. This can prove to be helpful particularly for the rarer Pokemon, to get more candy to power them up or even evolve them.The first Pokemon I put as my buddy was my Dratini. After 5km of walking, it found 1 Dratini candy which meant I could evolve it to a Dragonair. Otherwise it would have probably been another few weeks before I found another Dratini to get the necessary candy to evolve it, as these are fairly rare to come by.


The next Pokemon I put as my buddy is Pikachu. I have only caught 2 Pikachu in all this time, and hatched one from a 2km egg. Hence the fact that every 1km Pikachu walks with me would result in it finding 1 Pikachu candy, means that it is more likely for me to get enough candy to evolve it to Raichu – I have collected 20 Pikachu candy from walking my buddy so far. And the best bit is that once Pikachu has walked 10km, it will perch on your shoulder, just like in the Pokemon series where Pikachu perches on the shoulders of its trainer Ash Ketchum; this has been called a Pokemon Easter Egg – an extra feature which reflects what we see in the actual TV series.

Pikachu buddy on shoulder after walking 10km
Pikachu buddy on shoulder after walking 10km

The Pokemon below are ones which I  have evolved from base Pokemon

Slowbro (evolved from Slowpoke)
Seadra (evolved from Horsea)
Cloyster (evolved from Shellder)
Starmie (evolved from Staryu)
Golduck (evolved from Psyduck)
Wigglytuff (evolved from Jigglypuff)
Poliwrath (evolved from Poliwag to Polywhirl then to Poliwrath)
Gengar (evolved from Gastly to Haunter then to Gengar)
Victreebell (evolved from Bellsprout to Weepinbell then to Victreebell)
Vileplume (evolved from Oddish to Gloom then to Vileplume)
Ninetales (evolved from Vulpix)
Tentacruel (evolved from Tentacool)
Weezing (evolved from Koffing) – I did not change the name to Weezing.

So far I have managed to see 118 Pokemon and catch 118 Pokemon, so not too bad. I have done a fair amount of walking, and spent a lot of time with my children, which are all great benefits of playing this game.