Pokemon Collection in Poke Bank

Previously I had posted about the Poke Bank where most of our Pokemon are stored. They are kept in boxes according to their position on the Pokedex. But I have also collected the variants of the Pokemon, the extra Legendary Pokemon and the Shiny Pokemon in their own boxes as well. Here I am posting the Pokemon we have collected thus far – to be updated as the Legendary Event Pokemon are added to the collection.

This is what your Poke Bank will look like if you had collected the Pokemon as per their number in the Pokedex (bar the few Event Legendary Pokemon I have yet to get).

Pokedex No. 1 to 30
Pokedex No. 31 to 60
Pokedex No. 61 to 90
Pokedex No. 91 to 120
Pokedex No. 121 to 150
Pokedex No. 151 to 180
Pokedex No. 181 to 210
Pokedex No. 211 to 240
Pokedex No. 241 to 270 (missing Celebi)
Pokedex No. 271 to 300
Pokedex No. 301 to 330

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