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Pokemon Collection in Poke Bank – Page 3

Pokedex No. 661 to 690
Pokedex No. 691 to 720 (missing Diancie)
Pokedex No. 721 to 750 (missing Volcanion)
Pokedex No. 751 to 780
Pokedex No. 781 to 802 (await release of No. 802 Marshadow)

Other Pokemon to collect include the 28 different variants of Unown, the ones with gender variants,  regional variants, Wormadam and Rotom variants, and the 20 different variants of Vivillon. Although Castform have a few different forms, this is only temporary and it will revert to its original form after the event which triggered the change.

Unown collection (A-Z, !,?)
Pokemon with different variants
Pokemon with different variants 2
My collection of Vivillon (all 20 variants with extras of some of the rare variants)

Then there are the extra Legendaries which are caught or traded for from the different Pokemon games (not all have been kept here, as some are still kept in game).

Extra Legendary Pokemon

And then there are Shiny Pokemon which differ from the normal variant of the Pokemon that is normally caught.

Shiny Pokemon

As I have mentioned before, Pokemon is a great past-time for those who enjoy collecting.


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