Pineapple – various lighting

Recently my wife resolved to make my favourite pastry – pineapple tarts. Now in order to do this, I had to buy some fresh pineapples. Hence I thought I should image one of these pineapples with my various filters to see what they look like, especially since I have not done my UV-imaging for quite a while now.

First is the image in visible light, using the Baader UV/IR cut filter.

Pineapple – Visible

Next is the UV imaging using Baader U filter.

Pineapple – UV (Baader U)

This is the Insect-D-Sight 1 version.

Pineapple – IDS1

This is the Insect-D-sight 2e version.

Pineapple – IDS2e

This is the UV-induced visible fluorescence (UVIVF) version.

Pineapple – UVIVF

I used my full-spectrum Olympus EM-5 with Coastal Optics 60mm F4 APO lens to image the pineapple. As the light is provided by a single Quantum X4D flash from up top, hence the top of the pineapple is very bright, whereas the base is very dark. But it is clear what a pineapple does look like in the various different light spectrums.