Pineapple tarts

As I have posted before, I am a huge fan of pineapple tarts and it is usually around Chinese New Year time that I get to eat these (although not necessarily every year). This Chinese New Year, my wife decided she would make pineapple tarts for me to enjoy. She managed to contact our friends who had returned to Malaysia, to get the recipe for this.

Pineapple Tarts Ingredients (to make 100 pieces):

Pineapple jam/filling: 1.5 kg ripe pineapple flesh (process finely in food processor, do not add water), 250 grams sugar

I bought 3 pineapples as that gave us enough pineapple flesh to make the filling. My wife had to peel the pineapples, remove the eyes and core, before cutting them into small chunks. My job was to blend it to a fine pulp. I then proceeded to strain away the extra pineapple juice (which makes a refreshing drink, so don’t discard this).

The pineapple juice that is sieved out of the pineapple pulp – lovely to drink

Then the pulp is cooked over a slow heat until it has dried up sufficiently.

Blended pulp of 3 pineapples being cooked over a slow heat until dry

Once it is sufficiently dry, add in the sugar. Do note that the mixture will turn watery again once the sugar is added. Continue stirring until the paste is dry again – thick and able to stick to the spatula. This is a very time intensive process, taking between 50 minutes to an hour to complete.

Sugar is then added which causes the pulp to get watery once again

Once the jam/filling is sufficiently dry and thick, it can be scooped into a bowl and left to cool. This filling can be made up to 2 days ahead of time.

Once dry again the jam should be allowed to cool

Dough: 350 grams butter, 150 grams condensed milk, 510 grams Plain flour, 2 egg yolks

The butter and condensed milk are creamed until light and fluffy. The egg yolks are added one at a time and beaten until combined. Next, flour is mixed in to form a soft and non-sticky dough. My wife then placed it into the fridge for about 20-30 minutes to allow it to be slightly hardened and easier to work with.

Pineapple tart dough

While the dough was resting in the fridge, my wife started to make 8 gram balls of the pineapple filling. This can then be added to the pastry to make into tarts.

Balls of pineapple jam filling for tart

My wife rolled the dough into a thin sheet and then cut round pieces of dough to hold the pineapple filling.

Dough with ball of pineapple jam

She then rolls them up into ovalish tarts.

Wrapping to make pineapple tart
Pineapple tart

She made thin cuts on the surface to make them look like little pineapples before placing them in the oven for baking.

Ready for baking

The pineapple tarts are baked for 25 minutes at 165 degrees Celsius (or 155 degrees Celsius in Fan-assisted oven), until they look golden brown on the outside. They have to be left to cool before storing.

Baked and ready to eat

And the final end product – all ready to eat. Scrumptious.

My jar of pineapple tarts – absolutely scrumptious

I have to say that these pineapple tarts take alot of time and effort to make, but are absolutely delicious.