Pest, insect and Rodent repellent

With the observatory being in the garden and unoccupied for vast majority of the time, and the fact I noted a few threads of a spider web developing in there, I decided that I needed to install some form of pest repellent in there. After looking through the various options available, I decided on the 5-in-1 Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller from Amazon.

Now although this is called a 5-in-1 electronic pest control, it uses three mechanisms to accomplish this – ionic (emission of ions to remove airborne bacteria), electromagnetic waves through walls and wiring, and ultrasonic waves through the air. It also has a night light function which can be activated via the side switch. That makes 4, so I am not sure what the 5th feature is unless it is referring to the night light being one left on continuously or one activated by the light sensor.

Link for item here:

5-in-1 Rodent, pest and insect repellent (ultrasonic, electromagnetic, ionic
5-in-1 Rodent, pest and insect repellent (ultrasonic, electromagnetic, ionic
Uses multiple different methods to repel rodents and insects
Uses multiple different methods to repel rodents and insects

I have installed this into my observatory for the last 3 to 4 weeks now, and I can say that I’ve not seen any cobwebs develop in there at all. But I had noticed a rat scamper past our garden, which made me wonder if this was working. Then I realised that the switch on the side for pet-friendly was switched to on, and that it was not generating any electromagnetic waves through the wires. Hence I switched this function to off, as it does not affect our dog in anyway.

Installed in my observatory

As you can see, the electromagnetic waves are generated intermittently, with the green LED lighting up when this is being generated. Now the fear is that rodents will find my observatory to be an appealing hideout, which is why I this installed in my observatory. And with this on, there are no signs of any rodents near by obsy. Great!

Ionic, electromagnetic and ultrasonic modes activated

So from my experience, I can say that my observatory is free from cobwebs, and it looks like it is deterring rodents from coming into my garden with the electromagnetic waves switched on; I suppose the ultrasonic waves are confined to the inside of the observatory as it is kept shut most of the time. Now this repellent is supposed to work for mosquitoes as well, so I shall definitely be bringing this to Malaysia the next time we go back to visit relatives, to see if it works for that as well.


  1. It works for spiders and rodents.
  2. Repels rather than kills rodents and pests, so no nasty smells from dead carcasses.
  3. No need to buy refill of rat bait (cost savings in the long term).


  1. High initial outlay for this electronic repeller.
  2. Can only be used indoors, and needs to be plugged into an electrical socket.

Verdict: Recommended as it has worked well for me.