Peak Design Everyday Sling Bag

In the many years I have been into photography, I have been looking for the perfect or ideal camera bag – in fact over time, I have bought at least 8-10 such bags, with some working better than others. But each have failed to hit the mark, as I still keep looking for that ultimate bag or two. As can be expected, people may change camera system over time, which means that their needs from a bag also changes over time. Hence a bag which meets the mark initially, may not necessarily do so with time and change. I recently decided to invest in the Peak Design Everyday Sling, to see if it would become my ultimate camera (and other stuff) go-to bag. 

The Everyday Sling bag comes in two colour choices – charcoal and Ash – not much choice there. I ordered the bag in Ash from Amazon for £124.99 (RRP £135). It came within a day of ordering, even though it was not through Amazon Prime. It came in a black paper storage bag to protect it during transit – nothing fancy.

Peak Design Everyday Sling Bag

The first thoughts were that the Everyday Sling bag was fairly compact and not rectangular in shape. It had a front compartment which is expandable, as well as a main compartment where you store your camera gear – with the help of 2 Flexfold dividers. I do like these Flexfold dividers, as they are not too thick, seem to work well and can be adjusted to work for different equipment configurations.

Peak Design Everyday Sling Bag in Ash
2 Flexfold dividers

These Flexfold dividers have two top flaps which can be folded down together or separately. With one flap folded down, you could stack one lens on top of the other to separate them from each other (if you face them to either end of the bag) and from the adjacent compartment.

Flexfold dividers – used 2 different ways (left) with single flap folded down, (right) with both flaps folded down to protect a lens but also serve as a shelf for the camera handgrip

The other feature I like is that the Everyday Sling bag has a vertical band on either external end for attaching the Capture Clip – this allows you to have a secure way to clip a camera with the Peak Design Arca-mount plate or the Capture LENSkit to aid  lens change.

Side attachment strap for Capture Clip

I have chosen to attach my Capture clip to the band on the left of the bag, as it means I can access the camera or lenses more easily – I probably would not attach Capture clips to both ends of the bag although this is possible, as one side will always be less accessible than the other (which end depends on whether you sling the bag on your left or right shoulder).

With Capture Clip attached

Below I have my Sony 50mm F1.8 lens attached to the LENSkit for easy swapping of lenses with my cameras (Peak Design, please make the LENSkit for Micro 4/3rds -hint, hint).

Capture LENSkit mounted on the Everyday Sling Bag

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