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Peak Design Everyday Sling bag – page 3

Storage compartments:

There are basically 3 storage compartments in the Everyday Sling bag – the internal storage pocket in the main flap (for small accessories), the main camera compartment with the 2 Flexfold dividers and the expandable front pocket.

Internal storage pocket

There are 4 colour-coded small compartments within the internal storage pocket for various accessories e.g. batteries and memory cards. The colour-coding makes it easier to differentiate used and unused accessories, so it is easier to swap batteries or memory cards when this is needed. It would have been nice to have some slots for securing a pen or Lenspen.

Internal storage compartment for holding spare batteries and other small accessories

The expandable front pocket has enough space to be able to hold a large flash such as the Sony HVL-F58AM, as well as a small lens e.g. Sony 20mm F2.8 E-mount. There is a flap in this compartment to separate things which may scratch the other contents in there.

Front expansion pocket with Sony HVL-F58AM flash

The main compartment effectively is separated into 3 smaller sections by the 2 Flexfold dividers. It is large enough for me to carry my 2 Sony E-mount cameras plus 3 lenses (one being the Sony 70-200mm F4 FE lens with lens hood inverted and mounted on my Sony A6000). There is enough height to stand my camera with the long lens on and still close the main compartment.

My Sony camera gear stored in the Everyday sling bag
Equipment in my Everyday Sling bag (Sony A6000 + 70-200/4, Sony A7R + 24-70/4, Sony 85/1.4 A-mount, Sony HVL-F58AM flash, Sony 20/2.8)

And just to test out the laptop compartment, I was able to put my iPad Pro 12.9″ with Brydge keyboard in there and still close the main compartment. The same can be said of my Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

iPad Pro 12.9″ with Brydge keyboard in the laptop compartment

What I like about the Everyday Sling Bag?

  1. Great adjustability (straps and storage) to make it extremely easy to use.
  2. I do like the Flexfold dividers as it makes bringing extra lenses and other equipment that bit easier, because of the two-flap option.
  3. Although it is not very large, it has enough storage space for the equipment I am likely to bring along normally (and more).
  4. It fits nice and securely on my back with the strap shortened, but can easily be loosened to access the equipment.
  5. I finally have a bag which allows me to mount the Capture clip properly to hold a camera or LENSkit.
  6. It is supposed to be weatherproof (without needing an extra rain cover) and built to last.

What could be improved?

  1. There are no slots to secure a pen or Lenspen, so these will jostle about amongst the contents in the front or internal compartment. I’m surprised at the lack of this, actually.
  2. There are no external means to hold a water bottle for example, which would have to be placed in the expandable front pocket. Perhaps Peak Design need to come up with an optional (not too expensive) add-on to hold a water bottle.
  3. For a smaller camera system e.g. Micro 4/3rds, it would have been great to have a third Flexfold divider – not sure if this can be bought separately though.
  4. More colour choices would have been nice.


All in all, I am pretty pleased with the Everyday Sling bag as it lives up to many of the promises – ease of access and plenty of storage space. I would say that it ticks many of the boxes for me, especially as I am not a professional photographer and do not need to carry that many pieces of equipment out with me. Otherwise I would have bought either the Everyday Messenger 15 bag (which I did consider at one point) or Everyday Backpack 30L.

The fact it will carry my iPad Pro 12.9″ with keyboard, or my Microsoft Surface Pro 3, as well as other things, means it can be my go-to versatile bag for everyday (not just for photography). I would have liked a secure way to hold a pen and Lenspen, and an external way to hold a bottle of water, which are my main gripes with this bag. I have spent way more than this on the many bags I’ve bought over the years, which unfortunately did not meet the mark (and which I would not buy again). The Everyday Sling bag on the other hand, I would buy again as it has been a pleasure to use; and if it was available before, it could have saved me alot of money.

For those who need a bag this size, who wish to carry a tablet or laptop not exceeding 13″ and would like versatility and easy access, I would recommend the Everyday Sling bag. But for those needing more carrying capacity, then do look elsewhere.


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