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Peak Design Everyday Sling bag – page 2

Peak Design have included a very easily adjustable shoulder strap. In the picture below, you can also see a hand strap for hand-carrying the bag, but also doubles as a stowing strap for securing onto rolling luggage when travelling.

Handle and easy-adjustment strap

Peak Design has paid attention to detail, with small slots to stow away the ends of the adjustable shoulder strap – to make it look neat and tidy.

Side cinch strap with compartment to store the tail

The shoulder strap looks to be made from the same material as car seat belts. It has a quick adjuster handle which on pulling up, will allow the strap length to be shortened or lengthened as needed. I really like this feature, as it makes securing the bag on the back and accessing the camera equipment really fast and easy – unlike most other camera bags.

Easy adjustment strap with quick adjuster handle in lock position
Adjuster handle unlocked to enable easy adjustment of shoulder strap length

The Everyday Sling also has two external compression straps. These can be loosened to expand the front pocket for extra storage space or tightened when not in use to maintain the sleek appearance. They even included elastic bands to keep these straps nice and tidy.

External Compression straps with elastic band holder
Side view of front expansion pocket with external compression straps loosened

The other use for the external compression straps is to loosen them up in order to hold other stuff externally e.g. rolled-up jackets, beach towels or even a camera tripod.

External compression straps loosened to be able to hold stuff externally

Another feature is what Peak Design call the security zipper loop. The zipper handle on the main camera compartment has a band which can be uncoupled from the round metal tab. This can then be threaded through the loop of the front pocket zipper to secure both compartments Рto deter unauthorised access from pickpockets. But clearly it does not replace a lock.

Security zipper loop threaded through front pocket loop to prevent unauthorised access

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