Peak Design Capture Lens Kit (Sony E-mount)

I have been a fan of the products from Peak Design, a company based in San Francisco, who come up with innovative products to make the photographers life a whole lot better. I have had their Capture clip and Cuff (wrist strap) for holding my camera for quite a few years now. Hence when I revisited their website to look at their range of bags and noticed that they had a great solution to aid the changing of camera lenses, I knew I had to buy one to try out. Hence I bought the Sony E-mount version, although I have emailed their company to suggest they make the Micro 4/3rds version as well.

I ordered the LENSKit from Premier Ink as they had the best price for this product £29.00 + delivery (RRP £49.95). It came the next day via Royal Mail 1st Class delivery.

Peak Design Capture LENSkit (Sony E-mount)

The reason I bought the LENSkit rather than the version with a Capture Lens clip, is because I already owned the Capture Clip and could use it with that. The version with the Capture Lens clip would cost minimum £69.99 (RRP £84.99) here in UK.

Allows for the changing of lenses securely without risk of dropping a lens

The LENsKit comes with the lens changer which fits two Sony E-mount lenses. It has an Arca-mount at the base to fit onto the Capture Clip. By pulling this out slightly, it will enable you to twist the lens changer so it can alternate the position of the lenses mounted to it.

It comes with the necessary accessories for it to work properly. It even comes with 2 strong anchor links so it can be used with the slings that Peak Design sell. There are 2 caps to cover each side of the lens changer when not in use, and a fairly large pouch to store it in.

Comes with the Capture Lens holder, 2 x anchor links, 2 x caps, 1 x storage pouch

How to use it?  Steps:

  1. Simply remove the lens from your camera.
  2. Mount the lens onto the empty side of the lens changer.
  3. Rotate lens changer by 180 degrees so the other lens is in reach.
  4. Uncouple that lens from the lens changer.
  5. Mount new lens onto the camera.
  6. That’s it. And all without dropping the lens.
Capture Lens with Sony 20mm F2.8 pancake lens mounted

What I like about the Capture LENSkit?

  1. It is such a great idea, and when used with the Capture clip would also allow for easier and quicker way to swap between two lenses. In fact, with 2 such LENSkits in use, you would be able to swap between 4 lenses.
  2. Not dropping a lens when changing between 2 lenses, or needing someone to help with the process is fantastic.
  3. Reduces the time for changing between lenses which also reduces the time the camera sensor is exposed to the elements and dust.
  4. There are so many ways to use this: with the Capture Clip mounted onto a belt or bag strap, with a sling strap, or simply inside a camera bag.

What could be improved?

  1. Currently Peak Design only produce the LENSkit for Canon, Nikon and Sony E-mount lenses. Surely it cannot be too difficult to make these with mounting plates for Micro 4/3rds, Fuji X-mount and Pentax, just to name a few. Personally, I have requested the company to consider making this for the Micro 4/3rds system, but have not had a reply from them (disappointing).
  2. Perhaps Peak Design could incorporate a means to protect the lens connected to the LENSkit from dust or damage from gentle knocks e.g. a spring-loaded protective sheet which can be pulled down to protect the exposed side of the lens.


The Peak Design LENSkit for easier changing of lenses does work well, and will certainly be in my system when I use my Sony E-mount cameras. But it is unfortunate that they do not produce this for the Micro 4/3rds system, as this would definitely be a welcome tool for that system of cameras (particularly when Panasonic have recently announced their GH5 gamechanger camera, which is surely to increase the number of people buying into this system). Recommended.