Pancake Day

Being Pancake day today, my wife and youngest daughter had planned from last week to make some pancakes today – banana pancakes which are her favourite type. We did keep a few ripe bananas just for this purpose.

My wife used the recipe below for the banana pancake which she has been perfecting over the last few years. As usual, my daughter was keen to be involved in the making of the pancake mix, the pancakes, and obviously the eating of them as well.

My daughter making the pancake mix

Ingredients in the order they are added into the mixing bowl:

2 ripe mashed bananas, 4 tablespoons of sugar, 8 tablespoons of plain flour, 2 eggs and 175 mls milk

These are mixed in as the ingredients are added in the above order.

Pancake mix
Egg added into the mix

When ready, the pancake mix is added into the oiled hot frying pan.

Making the pancake

Below is the first pancake my daughter made for this pancake day. That was eaten with much vigor and was gone in less time than it took to make it.

First pancake my daughter ate

Below we have the stack of pancakes my daughter and I made together, as my wife went to fetch our oldest daughter back from Chinese class.

Our stack of banana pancakes

When my oldest daughter came back, she could not wait to tuck in to the pancakes. In fact all of my family enjoyed the pancakes. Another successful Pancake day (thumbs up).