Pancake Day 28/2/2017

In preparation for Pancake day 28/2/17, my wife had bought pancakes from Sainsbury. These were not just any pancakes but Abra-ca-Debora Diddy Dutch pancakes costing £1.49 for a pack containing 24 Diddy pancakes.

Now one of the things which my daughters enjoyed during our trip to France last year was having pancakes with Maple syrup. Hence for Pancake day, what better way to celebrate it than to get my daughter’s favourite Diddy pancakes for her to have with Maple syrup for breakfast.

Abra-ca-Debora Diddy Dutch pancakes

These Diddy pancakes are so names because they are very small. They are easy to warm up as it just takes 30 seconds at full power with a microwave for 6 pancakes. Alternatively they could be warmed up in the oven, which would be more time-consuming. Now the reason my daughter loves these, is that they are truly nice and fluffy and absolutely delicious.

6 Diddy pancakes for my daughter’s breakfast
Canadian Maple syrup

And with Maple syrup drizzled over it, they are a definite treat – and a great way to celebrate Pancake day.

With lovely Maple syrup drizzled over the Diddy pancakes