Olympus E-PL5 compact UV imaging camera

We made a trip to the Bicester garden centre in Bicester Oxford on Saturday, not far from the world famous tourist shopping hotspot Bicester Village. It is interesting that many people coming to England go to Bicester Village to shop, whereas when I go to Bicester, it is normally to the garden centre.

I decided to bring along my Olympus E-PL5, Aico 35mm F3.5 enlarging lens and my U340 1mm + S8612 1.5mm filter stack (mounted inside my helicoid focuser) & Olympus FL-300R flash for UV light source; I am aware that many plants are in the shade and will have no UV getting to it. My TANK007 365nm UV torch acted as UV light to aid focusing. They fit fairly easily into my rain coat pockets.

Olympus E-PL5, Aico 35/3.5 lens, Olympus FL-300R flash, TANK007 UV torch
Olympus E-PL5, Aico 35/3.5 lens, Olympus FL-300R flash, TANK007 UV torch

Below are the images of flowers I managed to take at the garden centre. I have only captured UV images as I was testing this out for the future. It should hopefully be helpful next year when I am choosing more plants to grow, as I can see what UV patterns they should have before buying.

There were not many summer flowers left, so I went to the alpine section instead and managed to capture some flowers I had never seen before in UV.

Settings: ISO 800, Full power flash, F8, 1/100 secs. White balance adjusted in Capture One Pro.

Sempervivum flower - UV
Sempervivum flower – UV
Erodium reichardii - UV
Erodium reichardii – UV
Dianthus - UV
Dianthus – UV
Coreopsis - UV
Coreopsis – UV (not in Alpine area)

This setup is extremely compact and will pit into a coat pocket, unlike my Olympus OM-D setup.

BTW, the following images were taken when I was in Cornwall, using the Olympus E-PL5, Petri 35/3.5 lens, Olympus FL-300R of a Gazania there.

Gazania - visible
Gazania – visible
Gazania - UV
Gazania – UV
Gazania - IDS1
Gazania – IDS1
Gazania - IDS2
Gazania – IDS2


Equipment: Olympus E-PL5, Aico 35mm F3.5 enlarger lens, U340 1mm filter, S8612 1.5mm filter, Olympus FL-300R flash, TANK007 UV torch.